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Eyelash Extensions - A simple procedure to dramatically enhance your look. Adding volume. Lengthening your own lashes immediately. A new, revolutionary way to enhance and brighten your eyes.

Josie Jimenez Eyelash Extension Expert Studio One Salon

If youve always dreamed of fuller, longer, more dramatic lashes - yet have thinner boring ones. Great news! Today you can have longer, beautiful more thicker lashes. Regardless if yours are thin, short, less than spectacular Not only that... This application is so safe and simple theres no damage to your own lashes, skin or eyes. Even if you skins sensitive or you wear contacts. I’m Josie Jimenez. Eyelash Extensions Expert and Stylist. I can make anyones eyelashes look great. And - yes - yours too! Call me now at (503) 380-6171 for a free consultation.


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With lash extensions your eyes are looking beautiful, longer and fuller, every hour of the day.

Applying and wearing makeup: Apply, wear and remove makeup as usual. Even line your eyes, apply mascara. But remember - Whatever liner, shadow or other eye makeup you wear, it’s your lashes which draw the most attention. Why women choose them: The longer and more voluminous, the better. That’s why so many women, like the women in our photographs, are choosing to accentuate their eyes with eye lash extensions. The simple fact is - with lash extensions your eyes are looking more beautiful and fuller. Every hour of the day. No additional makeup or work necessary.

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